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Michele Peters


“Dedicated to improving foot bio-mechanics with evidenced based data
and technological advancements”

Michele Peters, owner of Ortho Dynamics Pedorthic Centre, is both a Canadian and American Certified Pedorthist. She completed a post graduate program at Western University with honours and has over 16 years of experience in clinical assessment and orthotic fabrication.

Michele works with cutting edge technology in insole pressure mapping, laser scanning, 3D modelling software, and CAD CAM manufacturing. Her comprehensive qualitative and quantitative approach helps engineer successful outcomes in her patients, placing primacy on evidence based methods and protocols.

Currently, she specializes in the assessment, design, and fabrication of custom made orthotics and custom made footwear that treat involved and complex conditions. These include diabetic ulcers, amputations, Charcot joints, Charcot Marie Tooth disease, Club Foot, and Polio.

Michele is part of an international study group dedicated to creating the best treatment protocols for foot conditions using Paromed technology. The efficacy of learned and refined protocols and methods recently manifested in bio-mechanical advancements of professional skaters and ballerinas Michelle oversees. 

Michele champions a growth mindset approach to the manifold challenges of the Pedorthic field. Michele prizes dissemination of information, collaboration, and evidence-based treatments to understand, validate, and replicate successful patient outcomes. In doing so, Michele hopes to fashion a more robust, innovative, and thorough approach to Pedorthics. 

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