Custom Orthotics

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Ortho Dynamics Pedorthic Centre has a Certified Pedorthist on-site, and works closely with Orthogenic Laboratories to produce state-of-the-art custom foot orthoses with 1 week turnaround.

A foot orthotic device (commonly referred to as “orthotics”) is a brace that works in conjunction with a shoe. It supports, aligns, prevents or corrects mal-alignments and improves function of the foot. It can support the foot in either an accommodative or corrective manner.

Orthotics fall into three broad categories: those that primarily attempt to change foot function, those that are primarily protective in nature and those that combine functional control and protection.


Manufacturing Process

High Speed 3D Analysis


The 3D scanner for the recording of plantar foot profiles is the market leader in terms of measuring accuracy and efficiency.

For ease of use the measurement of both feet can be made simultaneously.

Additionally, the clinical image is recorded immediately and a digital image of the plantar surface of the feet is also taken allowing for the accurate identification of all plantar anatomical landmarks.

Major Benefits:

  • Scanning of both feet in seconds
  • Digital recording of the clinical image
  • Representation of the plantar surface in 3D
  • Suitable for scanning old insole models
  • Modelling Software for the modification of the 3D models
  • Scan can be shifted by 180°
Efficient Design Without Limits


The ParoContour (PCS) modelling system analyses the data that is produced from the 3D scan and displays a 3D model along with the clinical image.

The insole can now be produced at the workstation with ease.

  • Libraries of common insole designs can be created
  • Creation of own macros
  • Separate processing of both feet and copying of all modifications
  • Easy data transfer via internet or e-mail

The new generation of the ParoContour modeling software shortens many work tasks through automatic modeling functions. The process now runs faster and more efficiently

Major points:

  • Automatic placement of typical correction elements
  • Full integration of anti-pronation or anti-supination wedges
  • Simple verification of the effective insole thickness
  • Simple inclusion of scanned contours into the insole design
  • Ability to locally smooth parts of the model
  • Inclusion of soft pads 
Manufacturing in Highest Precision


When the insole model is completed, the data is transferred to ParoContour, the milling machine.

The blanks are secured to the milling table by vacuum and milled in pairs.

Precise and complex shapes as well as material combinations can be manufactured quickly and easily.

Double-Sided Milling:

  • ParoContour is the only system that is able to mill the top and the base of the finished insole.
  • Embedding of different materials
  • For the efficient manufacturing of soft pads or areas such as metatarsal pads or soft spots for calcaneal spurs, ParoContour offers an automated process.
  • Quality Highspeed Milling Process
  • Pair of insoles can be milled in less than 5 minutes